Sometimes no amount of careful driving and safety features will prevent your Vehicle from Crashing, ultimately the best way to save your own life is to get out entirely. Ejector seats can get a driver out of potentially fatal situations, allowing him to fight another day. They present the only realistic means of escaping from a vehicle which is travelling at high speed.

Facts and FiguresEdit

While every Driver hopes that they will never crash and burn, the wise ones prepare for when it does happen. An Ejector Seat allows the Driver to make an Escape from a Vehicle that is in Dire Straits.

Weight: 30

Cost: $7'500

When the Vehicle is out of control or the Driver expects to lose control they can declare a Shoot Action to immediately activate their Ejector Seat and escape the situation. The player states that the shoot action to eject is being used before the car model is moved, and before any control loss tests. The driver automatically escapes and the vehicle now has no driver.

The Driver can control their descent on their Parachute and may either navigate outside of the play area and leave play or they may choose to land on the Road. If the Character wishes to return to the road they must wait until the next Pedestrian Phase and roll a D6 the character then lands that number of Spaces forward or behind their Vehicles location when the Ejected, the Character may arrive on any Lane at the distance and anywhere in the Space they land on.

Once the Character has reached ground they become a Pedestrian on the Road and are subject to all the rules for Pedestrians, the Arrival on the Road counts as the Character Move for that Phase and they may not make another action until the next Pedestrian Phase.

Ejector seats are a last resort. They are rarely used in early games, as players are quite happy to battle on to the last with little regard for the fate of their drivers. A player with an advanced character will be more concerned with the fate of the driver than the fate of the car.

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