When Oil is injected into the fuel mix of an engine it produces a dense blue smoke that is released by the exhaust of the vehicle, this makes an excellent screen against forces behind the vehicle, providing the same benefits as Smoke Layers except that it has effectively unlimited shots though it only trails the vehicle by a limited distance. as with Smoke Layers this system can be locked on or turned off with a Shoot action, though it does not occupy a Passive Mount on the vehicle.

Facts and FiguresEdit

By Injecting Oil into the engines fuel this system generates a trail of smoke behind the vehicle obscuring line of sight for those behind it, this system provides a tactical advantage but it does negatively impact the vehicles Acceleration and Max Speed.

Acceleration: -2mph

Max Speed: -4mph

Weigh: 5

Cost: $2'000

Cars and Vans fitted with Oil Injectors leave a trail of smoke three Spaces long behind them, when the vehicle moves if there are three counters behind it then move the last counter to the front so that they retain their trailing effect behind the vehicle, in all other respects they function in the same manner as Smoke Layers.

Bikes and Trikes fitted with this system can only maintain a trail of Smoke two Spaces long, but in all other respects they are treated as the same system as in Cars and Vans.

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