The Standard PZ Enforcer bike is widely used by many Enforcement agencies throughout the States. These bikes were designed to provide an all-round, high-functioning Bike, purpose-built for defending the population of their Territories. These bikes are also often used by others, due to its robust design and flexible application on the road. Many of these bikes have been Salvaged, were Stolen, or the bike's designs were Copied by Gangs and Cults.

Facts and FiguresEdit

The Standard PZ Bike is typically fitted with Weapons and Passives depending on the situational need for their use, the profile listed below is the basic Bike and does not include any Weapons or Passives.

Handling: 6

Acceleration: 45

Braking: 45

Max Speed: 115

Armour: 2

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 1 Pillion

Weapon Mounts: Left Wing Light Weapon Mount, Right Wing Light Weapon Mount

Passive Mounts: 1 Light Passive Mount

Damage: 9 (6,3)

Weight: 250

Cost: $15'000

The PZ Enforcer Bike is fitted with a V4 Engine, Hydraulic Drive System, and 4 Layers of Plastic Body Panelling. the vehicle weight does not count the Driver but a Pillion Passenger must be added to the vehicles weight, and the Acceleration, Breaking, and Max Speed given must be adjusted if the weight exceeds 300.

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