The addition of Passengers in a Vehicle can provide it with extra firepower in the form of Sidearms fire from the Passengers, or they may be put in control of Computer systems fitted to the vehicle making their job a Crew Position rather than merely a Passenger.

Facts and FiguresEdit

By adding in an additional Seat the Vehicle can carry a second Character as a Passenger inside the Vehicle, this allows the Passenger to enjoy the safety and Armour (if any) of the Vehicle, while also being able to get in and out or just shoot out of the window.


Interior Mounts: 1

Cost: $250

Light and Heavy Cars, and Long Wheelbase Vehicles can have Interior Components, and each type has a limited number of components they can be fitted with.

Light Cars have 6 Interior Mounts.

Heavy Cars have 8 Interior Mounts.

Long Wheelbase Vehicles have 12 Interior Mounts.

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