Though not always useful the Search Light adds a great deal of light to the road for Drivers at night and even at day its significant candlepower makes it able to blind enemy drivers making it a useful defence tool against enemies even when its day.

Facts and FiguresEdit

In place of a Weapon the Passenger can instead be in control of a large and powerful light that allows the driver to see clearly any hazards and enemies on the road during Night Fighting situations.

Accuracy: -1

Weight: 10

Cost: $500

When the Engagement occurs at night the Search Light is at its best allowing the Driver of the Bike to see further due to the brightness of the Light, this allows the Driver to Ignore the Track Generation Rules for Night Fighting and use the normal Track Generation rules as if it were daytime.

When Pointed at an enemy vehicle the brightness of the Search Light can make it difficult to see clearly and any enemy attempting to target the Bike/Sidecar Combination suffers a -1 To Hit on rolls as long as the Search Light is pointed at them.

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